NOM Deli serves healthy, delicious and reasonably priced Vietnamese street food in Leeds city centre. All of our food are freshly prepared and cooked in house using traditional recipes that have been passed on to us over generations. We source our ingredients locally and hence seek to assist local businesses. At NOM, we care about our customers, our staff and the community we serve.

Our visual identity comes from the Đông Sơn bronze drums casted about three thousand years ago in the Red River Delta of Vietnam, near Hanoi where our family originates from. At the heart of each drum is a star encircled by concentric panels of scenes with humans, animals or geometric motifs. These drums encapsulate not only the life, the culture of Vietnamese people but also their hopes for the future.

Our business name, NÔM, means a type of script to write the Vietnamese language. In Vietnamese, the word Nộm suggests salad, a healthy choice centre to our cuisine. We appreciate the fact that the sound of NÔM is also commonly associated with the satisfaction in good food across many countries. It is our intention that through NÔM Deli we could bring a piece of Vietnamese cuisine and culture to the wider world.